Preservation of the Historic Metcalf Franklin Farm

The Barn Complex (circa 1810, 1865, 1890, 1930)

In 2008 the barn received a new roof and much needed structural support, thanks to a generous grant from the RI Preservation & Heritage Commission and the Historic Metcalf-Franklin Farm.  
In the years that have followed, the MFFPA  has also reached out to the community and completed fundraisers to help preserve this unique barn structure that tell of life from 1810- 1930. 
  • The East, North and West End  sides were re-shingled using traditional shingling methods by Woonsocket Vocation School
  • The 1890 Sliding Barn Door Was Rebuilt by Woonsocket Vocational School
  • The 1810 Sliding Door was rebuilt with new hardware (2016) by Michael Turcone and Thomas
  • The 4 People Doors were rebuilt and hardware replace by Eagle Scout Nick Petrich, Troop 1 Arnold Mills
  • The 1930 Waldo Franklin Cow Stable Sliding "Cow" Door and Sliding People Door  were rebuilt with new hardware (2017) by Michael Turcone and Thomas
The Franklin Homestead circa 1857

Thanks for the generous matching grant from the RI Historic Preservation & Heritage Commission and Town of Cumberland, the restoration of the homestead began in August 2017 with and expected finishing date of December 2017.  Under the direction of Haynes De Boer Associates, Martone Corporation, who has distinguished itself in Historic Preservation, is working hard complete Phase One of the project. 
The Grounds

In 1803, Liberty Metcalf purchased 65 acres of land from his father, Ebenezer, to continue farming and living in the beautiful Arnold Mills area.  The HMFFPA would like to honor his hard work and the Franklin's by preserving this land as it has been used for the past 200 + years, as a farm.

The Franklin Farm Grounds Committee, which includes our own Tractor Team, volunteer many hours in our quest to maintain through conservation and use the picturesque land.  From farm walls dating back to 1800 to reclaiming fields, our volunteers have fun and work hard.  Assistance with maintenance is always needed. If you are interested in becoming part of our Grounds Committee, please contact us at 
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